miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Happy Metal New Year

Hi everybody.

A new year begins, new proyects and new wishes are made, since too many time ago i dont write anything here, simply i lost the inspiration, or the desire to go further with this.... its not a project, simply a hobby i had, but, because of time, or lack of ideas, i didnt do anything else... but, one of my new years purpose, its go back with this blog, because i like to write about Musik, about Rock and Metal, a passion i had, since i was almost a Kid. 

I decided to take this hobby again, becaue some peple, or followers from the blog, asked me sometimes, "Hey, why you dont write more in your blog? You dont do your reviews any longer".. and things like that, its very pleasefull to see when some of you writme in my FB, send me a Friendsrequest and told me "I saw your blog, could you add me?" or "Hey, i am fan of your publications and i want to be your friend".  Its something nice. Some of you send me constantly your Demos or Videos of your bands asking me to listen to it and give them my opinion, or help them to distribuite it, or simply make a post about those bands, i almost never did it, but thanks, i will do it this year, i promise it.

And too because i knew some Metalheads, who told me that they read my Wacken review (i only made one, in 2010, then i never did it again) and they decided to go Wacken because i inspired them to do it, because the way i wrote about it, and its nice too when i found some of them there in Wacken (in 2012 and 2013 i knew some people there) and they ask me if i can take me a foto with them... hehehe... Thats pretty cool, i have to admit it. For those and other reasons, i am going back to this "Holy Hell", and... i have some new ideas, some people asked me to make videos, but its not my style, to make a video of me and publish it... it s not a good idea, i dont have that kind of charisma, i like to write.. its better.

Ok pals... i wish you a nice 2014. and keep in touch, i will bring you what its happening in this side of the Ocean.... and Keep Rocking..

Cheers !!

Sorry about the language, but i decided to write principally in English, no matter if i am not good on it.... hahaha

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